Material Design Award

In September of 2014, I joined the Asana Android team as a Senior Product Engineer. In January of 2015, we launched Asana’s first native Android application.

We were early leaders in the adoption of Material Design. To make it happen our team developed custom UI components and worked to apply the design framework throughout the application. Teams and users were thrilled with the results. Ultimately, this led to a surge in signups, featuring in the store, and high store ratings.

In 2015, Asana launched a redesign of both the web and mobile applications’ navigation and branding. Again, we innovated in the ways we used the design frameworks. Stretching Google’s Material Design as well as Asana’s own branding work. Me and my team helped lead Asana’s new branding implementation across the product.

As a result of this work and more, we won a Google Material Design Award for Brand. As the Asana Product Manager for Brand projects as well as the Head of Mobile I was particularly proud of this achievement and everyone who contributed.

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